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Other Programmes
New Citizen Programme


In 2017, the New Citizen Programme was successfully registered as a private non-enterprise unit under the name, Beijing Sanzhi Shelter for Children in Distress. Sanzhi Shelter sees itself as a support organisation which focuses on research and advocacy to mobilize more concern for migrant children’s education as well as greater participation in improving migrant children’s lives. The Shelter collaborated with 21st Century Education Research Institute to complete the Blue Book on Education for China’s Migrant Children (2016), the first publication of its kind in China. A total of 207 media channels produced 307 reports about the publication’s launch as well as perspectives shared in the contents. The Shelter also built an information platform for migrant children schools and is already running a Weilan Library programme at five migrant children schools. It has recruited a team of volunteers and is actively raising public awareness and engagement to promote better environments in which migrant children can grow. 

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