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In December 2020, using the Effective Philanthropy Multiplier (EPM) as one of the exemplary cases of infrastructure for scaling, WINGS officially released its case study through em...
“We hope the foundations can play such role: they provide funding for social enterprises at early stage without seeking returns, to cultivate these seedlings to the extent that im...
Narada Foundation, founded in May 2007 and based in Beijing, is one of the leading philanthropic foundations working across China. Narada Foundation is dedicated to the mission o...
Founded in May 2007 by Zhou Qingzhi and Xu Yongguang, at a time when most of the country’s existing foundations were operating foundations, Narada Foundation was the first grantma...
Philanthropy infrastructure is a crucial tool that enables the realization of potential to nurture philanthropic pursuits
Peng Yanni has over 20 years of experience in the field of non-profit management, social enterprise and social investment, and public services to vulnerable groups. She is CEO of&n...