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Scaling Up Social Innovation
China Effective Philanthropy Multiplier


The Effective Philanthropy Multiplier is a "cornucopia" of high-quality philanthropic products and an open and shared platform for their scaling-up. The Multiplier selects high-quality philanthropy products that have been proven effective to solve social problems by practice and are keen to be scaled up across the country, supporting them with resourceful networks, capacity building, financial resources, partnering channels, experience learning and communication, etc, to scale up the impact of effective social solutions.

The Effective Philanthropy Multiplier is jointly built and developed by multiple partners. As of October 31, 2021, the platform has 17 co-creating partners and 40 hub organizations in various provinces and cities; a total of 78 high-quality philanthropic products have been launched, of which 59 are currently in operation; the products come from philanthropic endeavors in education, safety and health, environmental protection, elderly care, community development, gender equality, special needs, rural revitalization, etc, with a geographical coverage of 31 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) across the country in total, and some single project covers up to 1,700 districts and counties; the cumulative number of beneficiaries has exceeded 1.05 billion, and volunteers 1.77 million person-times; over 1.23 billion RMB has been raised. A total of nearly 6,700 charitable organizations, volunteer teams, public institutions and schools have implemented these high-quality philanthropic projects at more than 61,000 sites.

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