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About Us
Mission and Vision

The Narada Foundation, founded on 11 May 2007, is a private foundation approved and supervised by the Ministry of Civil Affairs of China, with a registered capital of RMB 100 million donated by the Shanghai Narada Group Co. Ltd.



Build the ecosystem of philanthropy sector, promote cross-sector collaboration and innovation, and encourage everyone to be a change-maker for a better society.



When there is hope within us all, then our society holds a promising future.



The design of Narada Foundation’s logo comes from the gingko tree, which is famous for its vigorous vitality and is considered as China’s national tree. The logo of gingko leaves graphic shows a tenacious image of the growing non-profit organizations in China as well as Narada Foundation’s persistence in promoting grassroots philanthropy. This simple and elegant graphic adopts a warm color and an open crown to convey the caring that Narada Foundation gives.




Prioritize public interest/ Public interest takes precedence over any direct or potential interest of companies or individuals.

Prioritize sector development/ We actively respond to the key issues and critical needs of philanthropic sector, giving priority to the interests of this sector.

Rooted in civil society/ We are dedicated to supporting social innovation of grassroots NPOs; this makes the basis for our existence.

Pursue leverage effect/ We strive to expand influence on society by maximizing the efficiency of our grants.



Objective-oriented/ By specifying objectives, we can think outside of the box but follow the right track. We are pragmatic and innovative.

Service spirit/ The mission of our foundation goes beyond simply providing assistance to our grantees. We also serve grassroots NPOs and the philanthropic sector.

Respectful/ We trust partners, cherish their time and efforts, and provide the funding and services with empathy.

Tolerant of making mistakes/ We allow mistakes in the foundation and funded organizations. Learning lessons from mistakes leads to organizational growth and innovation.

Life-long learning/ Instead of being satisfied with existing answers, we discover and investigate issues from new perspectives and explore solutions that address fundamental problems.

Take on risks together with social innovators/ Entrepreneurial spirit, which is a concrete embodiment of our sense of justice and pure passion, is also one of the characteristics and cultural wealth of Narada Foundation.