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Public Advocacy

Public advocacy is a new business section from the new strategy. By providing interpretation of public affairs and communicating the value of charitable work to the public, the program aims to enhance public  understanding, recognition and support for charitable work. It is divided into Narada Observation and Good Voice for Charity.

Narada Insights is a platform for thought-leadership initiated by Narada Foundation. By inviting experts, scholars, and senior media professionals to discuss social issues in China during the transition period, it calls forth positive attention to public and social issues, and presents independent observations from multiple perspectives with professional interpretations.

Good Voice for Charity, a brand new project by Narada Foundation, aims to connect charitable endeavors with impactful and high-exposure communication channels on media/we-media that can reach the public effectively, to raise awareness of the public on the third sector and earn the public’s understanding, recognition and support.

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