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Other Programmes
Ginkgo Fellows Programme


The Ginkgo Fellows Programme is a long-term programme to invest in individuals. Dedicated to funding young “social entrepreneurs”, the programme helps them break through bottlenecks of personal and professional growth so that they can make significant contributions toward solving pressing social issues. The selected fellows are leaders and/or founders of non-profit organisations or social enterprises, influential scholars, journalists, individual activists, or anyone who shows potential of being a future leader in the non-profit sector leader.



The Ginkgo Programme advocates for a society where everyone joins hands to further philanthropy. The Programme aspires to establish a support system that fosters diverse and visionary leaders concerned about the public interest, and thereby, cultivate more talent and potential to advance the non-profit sector. The Programme also tries to assess common obstacles facing young social entrepreneurs and offer practical support over three years, including a grant of RMB 100,000, biannual activities for the entire cohort, and an overseas study trip.



Launched by the Narada Foundation in 2010, the Programme registered as an independent organisation, the Ginkgo Foundation, in 2015. Over the last seven years, 114 fellows from 23 provinces, municipalities, and autonomous regions have been supported. 2017’s cohort of 16 new fellows worked in 11 different fields, such as environmental protection, education, healthcare, and rural development. They are learning, expanding their horizons, and raising their professional expertise in an atmosphere of equality, respect, tolerance, openness, diversity, and cooperation to one day, hopefully, contribute to a more harmonious and sustainable society. 

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